Saturday, May 10, 2008

Confrontation in Youth Ministry Part 2

Confrontation in Youth Ministry is always intentional. I think about the teenagers in my youth ministry and wonder if they have been confronted about things in their life in the last month. I wonder if anyone has talked to them about things instead of talking to others about them. I have a great bunch of teens in our youth ministry, but many of them are also human and do human things. Here are some questions for us to think about:
  • Are we called by God to confront?
  • When you hear the word to confront, do you instantly think judgement over love? If you think of judgement, you probably aren't confronting very much. If you think love, you are probably confronting and have seen a lot of life changes when you confront.
  • When you confront, have you seen changes in the lives of your students?
  • Is there a teen you need to confront right now about their actions or lifestyle.

Confrontation will never usually just happen. When we as youth workers see our students or volunteers that need some help, we need to believe that God wants us to help them. We need to confront. When is the last time someone confronted you as a Youth Worker?

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